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Gerald Liang

Mr. Liang

Mr. Liang

10 things I want you to know about me

1. Name: Gerald Liang but I go by Jerry (a lot of people misspell my name because they think it should start with a "G", I was named after Gerald Ford, a president who was picked because Nixon and his vice President quit because they were about to be impeached (fancy word for fired).  Ford was only president for 2 years and known for being a klutz.

2. In case of extreme emergency, you can reach me on my cell (925.286.9847) between 7 AM and 9 PM.  I probably will not pick up if I don't know the number, leave a message.  Email: gliang@newarkunified.org

3.  I grew up in Hercules and Lafayette in Contra Costa County.  I attended UC Berkeley and majored in Molecular Cell Biology with an emphasis in Immunology (I thought it was the closest major that fit my Pre-Med ambitions).  For graduate school, I went back to Berkeley and entered the Masters and Credential in Science and Mathematics (MACSME) program.  After teaching a few years, I attended the Harvard Graduate School of Education to study Education Policy and Management.

4. In terms of languages, I also know some French (thanks to taking it for 6 years in Junior and High school) and Mandarin Chinese (thanks to mom and dad speaking it to me and sending me to Chinese school until I quit it when I moved to start Junior High.  Now, I get made fun of by relatives for my lack of vocabulary and my accent, when I speak Mandarin to them.

5.My Favorite Subject is Science....What else?  Chemistry is the subject I have taught the longest, but I have also had the pleasure of teaching Biology, Physics, AP Physics, Marine Biology, Rocketry, Introduction to Engineering Design, and most recently Principles of Engineering.  The later two subjects are the first two courses in the PLTW Engineering pathway that is being offered at NMHS.  I also enjoy watching science shows like Nova.  I enjoy reading nonfiction books and recently finished The Disappearing Spoon by Sam Kean which is about the elements (This was the in thing of 2014!)  I also enjoy reading Malcolm Gladwell books and interested in business and investing.

6. My least favorite subject: I could not stay awake in my undergrad Economics class, which was a shame because I was considering minoring in the subject when I started school.  This goes to show you how much you can change your mind after you take a course.  Then again, my professors weren't the most engaging.  What's really sad is that I am interested in Economics and enjoy the Freakonomics material that is distributed by Levitt and Dubner.  In grad school, I really did not like my Conceptual Change class, it was the most confusing class I have taken in my life and was painful.  Picture sitting at a table with 12 people and answer questions like "How is a concept different from an idea or an idea from a thought?"  Our professor loved the Socratic method, every question was answered with another question....So, what do you think?

7.What I like to do on my spare time: I love going to the gym, hitting the weights and practicing yoga.  Fantasy Sports (baseball, football, and basketball)   but its hard to find the time so far.  Watching movies and hanging out with my wife.  I find I spend most of my spare time just getting things done around the house.   The last video game I finished was God of War on m.y PS3, I still have yet to finish a bunch of titles that are sitting on my shelf:  Arkham City, DeadSpace II and III, etc  

8. Right now, I am interested in becoming a principal and maybe a superintendent.  I might run for a public office like a school board one day.

9.  I am allergic to poison oak and I have asthma.  I also am allergic to something in food that occasionally gives me rashes but I don't know what it is.

10.  What else would I like you to know about me.  I hate failure.  I really feel bad for people who feel trapped and don't know how to be successful.  I truly believe that you can be successful if you position yourself to have the greatest chance at succeeding.  People would like to think its luck, but its really about getting yourself in the right place.  I have worked hard at my craft and I realize that it is difficult to inspire someone everyday.  Its easy to see the failure around you and just give up, instead of chipping away at your flaws.  So, in my class, if you show me effort and not just veg out in class, you should be fine.  Be active, ask questions, guess answers.  There is nothing wrong with being wrong.  Learn from your mistakes.  Successful people are not born successfull, they have good habits and put themselves in situations where they have the highest chance to succeed.  As they say in Hunger Games, may the odds be in your favor.  I know that I am not the best teacher, but I think I can get there if I just keep working at it.  A teacher, though, is only as good as how much their students are willing to put in.  Think of this as a game of poker....I'm all in.....are you?

Which one is Mr Liang?

Mr Tarn and myself at the Jr High.  Yeah, we be muggin.

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